With Mystic’s kitesurfing and windsurfing harnesses you’re in for a ride. Whether you remain seated or looking for a bit more freedom of movement. We’ve got your back, literally.

The best kitesurfing harness

Mystic offers a whole range of harnesses for all kinds of budgets. It doesn’t matter if you’re still trying to figure out if this pursuit of push, pull and glide is really your thing or if you’re a seasoned big air veteran.

This means that there’s always a Mystic kitesurfing or windsurfing harness that fits you and your goals. We’ve made sure that each harness is packed with the latest technologies, innovations, features and accessories to ensure that you’re having the best time out on the water and in the air.

Waist & Seat Harnesses
Harnesses for kiteboarding and windsurfing are a vital part of your gear. Since we’re working with volatile and unpredictable forces, having the right back support is essential to keep things safe while performing at your max.

What kind of harness you need depends on a lot of different factors. The first factor being the choice between a waist harness and a seat harness. The great thing about a waist harness is the freedom of movement you’ll get. Perfect for freestyling, big airs and wave riding.

However, a seat harness allows you to have a lower tow point than a waist harness, making it easier to take off and stay stable. You generally see that kitesurfing and windsurfing schools use seat harnesses, but they can also be a great option for the more seasoned surfer, opening up a whole new world and approach to the discipline of your choice.

Windsurfing harnesses
So, you’re not really into kites, but more into windsurfing? We’ve got a bunch of harnesses for windsurfers too. A lot of our harnesses are for multi-use, but we also have specific windsurf harnesses. They have anatomical backplates, a soft neoprene interior, spreaderbars and many other options and accessories which you can discover here.

Mens's Harness

Women's Harness

Hardshell & Softshell Support

Mystic is watching your back, so you don’t have to. We offer all kinds of back support for kitesurfers and windsurfers. This support can come from hardshell and softshell back plates with each their own pros and cons. What more could you want?

Hardshell plates
Hardshell back plates come in a bunch of different shapes and sizes. For example, a taller anatomical backplate gives you more support. These harnesses often have a soft neoprene inside which will fit snug around your waist.

The Majestic harness has a hardshell back plate. This kitesurfing harness has the same Bionic Core Frame as the Majestic X, but with a Roving glass fibre plate which provides bigger freedom of movement. With Soft neoprene edges, Knitflex and Fix foam, the harness will give you all the comfort you need. The Majestic has a smart Battle belt 2.0 system with Flexcovers and a Key pocket 2.0. If you're more into wave riding or freestyling, the Majestic will definitely be worth your while.

The Stealth on the other hand is an evolution of the well-known Majestic and Legend harness. It combines the stiffness of our best BCF hardshell (Majestic X) with the non-water absorbing foam shell of the Legend harness. The legend was our first model with a non-water absorbing expansion foam as an inner lining against your body. So, you’re getting the best of both worlds. The harness is built around the patented Bionic Core Frame (BCF), which is a semi-rigid back support plate. Its unique composite material is very stiff, yet it allows for more flexibility than conventional hard-shells.

Softshell plates
What’s in the word? Kitesurfers and windsurfers who want a harness with a softshell back plate will be rewarded with more freedom of movement and comfort than ever. With an ergonomically designed softshell backplate you become one with your harness, giving you unrivaled back support and performance. The soft neoprene in these harnesses prevents rash when riding bare skin or butt-naked in the tropics. Harnesses with a softshell plate also create a closer and more comfortable fit.

The Stealth

The Stealth is an evolution on the well-known Majestic and Legend harness. It combines the stiffness of the BCF (Majestic X) with the non-water absorbing inner shell of the legend harness. Best of both worlds!

Kite surf harness characteristics

Harness stiffness
Stiffness is mostly determined by the type of back plate we put in a kiteboarding harness. The unique composite materials of these plates allow for variation in stiffness. The fibers in these composite materials are laid in a specific lay-out to create stiffness in one direction while maintaining flex in the opposite direction. This is what we call a bionic core frame (BCF). We believe so much in this technique that we’ve even patented it. The stiffness of the bionic core frame makes this carbon harness perfect for riders that like riding overpowered. You can find BCF in the Majestic, Majestic X or Stealth series kite waist harnesses.

The Majestic harness has the same Bionic Core Frame as the Majestic X, but with a Roving glass fiber plate which provides bigger freedom of movement. If you're more into wave riding or freestyling, the Majestic will definitely be worth your while.

Flex in a harness
For both kiteboarding and windsurfing, freedom of movement is key. If you want to make a big air or do some insane freestyling, you need to be able to move around. By focusing on flex in a harness, we can ensure you get this freedom of movement allowing you to perform at your maximum.

Waist harness grip
While not necessarily applicable to a seat harness, a waist harness needs to have grip. It doesn’t matter if you’re riding bare chest or in a wetsuit, you don’t want a harness to move around too much. Of course, there will be some movement as you’re doing sick tricks, but you definitely want it to stay snug around your waist. This will offer more support and give less rash. We’ve ensured that grip and comfort are at their max in our high-end kitesurfing waist harnesses.

Warrior X

It just keeps getting better and better… The Warrior has been with us for over a decade now and just like a caterpillar she metamorphized into a butterfly. Yet, this time she’s the one taking evolution for a ride. The X is crafted from zero additional waste.


Boy, Mystic’s got some sweet spreaderbars lined up for you. All plug and play, since that’s how we like it. It doesn’t matter which Mystic kiteboarding or windsurfing harness you own, we’ve got one for all kinds of disciplines and levels. Our new Stealth series spreaderbar reduces pressure points substantially while enhancing ergonomics and torsion control. Safe to say, we nailed it.

Surf freeriding
Getting your fix from surf freeriding? We’ve developed the new and improved Stealth bar Surf just for that. Whether you prefer a fixed connection or more freedom of movement, you get to decide what style to ride thanks to the durable black Dyneema cords.

Freeride kitesurfing
Not everyone wants to unhook. If that sounds like your cup of tea, check out the new Stealth bar for freeride kitesurfing. Well-known for its strength, reliability and simplicity, the Freeride bar will be your ideal partner out on the water. Your parents will love it!

Freestyle kitesurfing
Lo and behold the new generation Stealth bar for freestyling. It has a traditional stainless steel kite hook, but with substantially reduced pressure points to protect you when going big. We’ve also enhanced torsion control and ergonomics by easing up the locking mechanism.

Spreaderbars for windsurfers
Reduced pressure points, better torsion control and easier locking closure. The new Stealth bar windsurf with a reinforced stainless-steel hook simply has it


Stealth Series

The Stealth is an evolution on the well-known Majestic and Legend harness. It combines the stiffness of the BCF (Majestic X) with the non-water absorbing inner shell of the legend harness. Best of both worlds!


Gem Bruna

The Gem Bruna harness has the same Roven composite Bionic Core Frame as the Majestic, but with a specialized female shape for women to shred in. Approved by Bruna Kajiya, the Gem is perfect for all of your freestyle endeavours.



To be able to do what we love we need gear. At Mystic we are well aware of the fact that producing gear impacts our planet. The Mystic Next project focuses on using eco-friendly shipping materials, reducing plastic outputs in packaging, biodegradable wetsuit bags and incorporating organic cotton.



Mystic has become an innovative trailblazer in the kite and windsurfing worlds. By combining durability, quality, innovation and technology, Mystic has sealed its reputation as a force to be reckoned with on an international scale.

Do you need a harness for kiteboarding?

A question we often get, which we can confidently answer with a big yes. Of course, it’s preaching to the choir, but in kitesurfing and windsurfing we are all working with incredible forces. Winds can be super strong and you must be pulled somehow, right?

Besides that, some will preferably ride hooked. This means that your kite will be attached to a spreaderbar, clickerbar or any other type of bar. This speaderbar will be attached to your waist with a harness or a seated harness.

Imagine being pulled by a big gust while holding the kite with just your arms and hands. You must have quite some experience to pull that off. Having the kite attached to your waist or hips allows for more control, safety and performance. Also, you will most definitely smack, fall and wipe out. Having a hardshell or softshell back plate will offer back support in all conditions.

How do I choose a kite surfing harness?
A good starting point is thinking how serious you are taking kiteboarding or windsurfing. By doing this you might be better off selecting a kitesurfing harness that fits your goals and ambitions. Want to do some freestyling? A kitesurfing harness with less stiffness might do the trick for you. Or maybe go for a hardshell if you want more back support for nailing those big airs.

What you also have to determine is what your budget will be. Mystic offers all kinds of kitesurfing and windsurfing harnesses, from cheaper ones to high-end units. If you’re just starting out, the Star could be a nice option for you since those are a bit more affordable. The Star will come with less features and accessories than the Stealth, our beast of a kite hardshell waist harness, but it will definitely do for now. How do you wear a kitesurfing harness?
Depending on what you prefer, your age, skill level, confidence and budget, you can get a kitesurfing or windsurfing harness for your waist or hips. The waist harness will support your waist just below your ribcage and above your bum. A waist harness offers more freedom of movement than a seated harness.

A seated harness is one in which you can sit, thus supporting your hips, bum and sometimes the upper parts of your legs. The nice thing about a kitesurfing seat harness is that water starting is easier and it will offer more stability while riding. The downside is that it offers less freedom of movement compared to a waist harness.

How do you measure for a kiteboard harness?
We’ve got a nifty little size chart which will tell you how to take your measurements to find the right fit for you. Just make sure you measure the waist size circumference at belly button height. What’s nice is that we also included which size spreaderbar you should get for each respective kitesurfing or windsurfing harness size.